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Birthday Lineup

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This is a simple warmup game where people use non-verbal communication to organise themselves into lines based on the give criteria


To practice non-verbal communication




Instruct Group members to line up in order of their birthdays, without talking.

  • Note: Use birthday month and day, but not year, if the participants may feel sensitive about age.
  • You may split participants into team if you have more than 15-25 participants


What was the experience like? How did you try to communicate? What made it work/not work? What could have been done differently? What did you learn about different people's styles?


  • Blindfold some or all participants
  • Use alternative criteria such as middle name (line up alphabetically), age . . . Or have each person choose an animal and all line up by the animals' sizes, smallest to largest.
  • Line up in order of length of time with the company.


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