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Back to Back drawing

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One partner describes what to draw without naming the object



Speaker becomes aware of how they need to describe clearly for listener



    Divide the group into pairs. Each pair needs to sit on the floor with their backs to each other. One partner will be the person drawing and the other partner will verbally instruct the person. The non-drawing partner is given a common shape. They are not allowed to tell them what the shape is; they have to describe it. 

    Once time is up (30 seconds to one minute), they discuss how close the drawing is to the shape requested. You can start off with simple shapes like circles and squares and go on to more complex ones.

    This game showcases communication as a vital tool in the workplace. It promotes listening, communication and patience. It will also have the whole room laughing.

    Variation: Provide cards with pictures of objects

    Debrief questions:

    How well did the first person describe the shape to their partner?

    How well did the second person understand the instructions and how close were they to duplicating the actual shape of the picture?

    Did they discover any problems with the sending or receiving parts of communication and how did they overcome this?


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