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This is an energetic improv game that can be used anytime during a training session. My favourite time to use it is at the end of a session for debriefing. Participants pair up and stand back-to-back. The facilitator asks a question. The participants turn around and face each other and take turns sharing their responses.


To encourage reflection and debriefing of a training session. To provide an opportunity for structured sharing and networking in an active and fun fashion.





    1. Pair-up participants. Ask each pair to stand back-to-back. If there is an extra person, they can form a group of three.
    2. Ask a debriefing question. Some debriefing questions you may want to consider are:
      • What do you think was the most important point in today's session?
      • What do you think will be the most challenging idea to implement when you go back to the workplace?
      • What do you think will be the easiest idea to implement when you go back to the workplace?
      • Which idea do you think will receive the most resistance?
      • Which idea will you implement first?
      • What questions do you still have about this topic?
    3. Reflect on the question. Ask each student to reflect on the question and prepare a response.
    4. Blow the whistle. Ask each participant to turn around and face their partner.
    5. Identify who will start the conversation. Use this selection process as an opportunity for the participants to learn a little known fact about each other. For example you might say:
      • The person whose birthday is next in the calendar year will share first.
      • The person who travels the furthest to work will share first.
      • The person who has the most, (oldest, youngest) children (pets, car) will share first.
    6. Identify time limitations. Tell the participants they each have about 30 seconds to share.
    7. Blow the whistle. After about one minute, blow the whistle and ask the participants to find a new partner and stand back to back.
    8. Ask a new question. Continue as above. If time allows, ask three to five questions.


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