Fouzia Mumtaz

Apprehensions and Solution

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15 +

This activity can be used as an alternate to KWL. Specially hen some change is to be incorporated in the culture. 



To enlist the apprehensions of participants and then resolve each one through mutual discussion. 



    Ask participants to write all the apprehension they have regarding the implementation of the new idea/change being discussed each on a separate Post-it and then post on the half  side of the flip chart labelled "Apprehensions" . Once done, group theses apprehensions if possible. Start answering one by one or ask the class to respond. Move all the post its which are resolved to the other half labelled as " Solutions" . Its ok if some are not answered and leave them in Apprehension sections to be resolved by the end of training. 

    5 minutes to write and post on flip chart, 10 minutes to find answers. and leave some unanswered.

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