Agile Manifesto group work

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30 - 60 Low

Build common understanding about culture, customer, future, strategy or next needed steps for a team or organisation based on the Agile Manifesto.



Create common understanding 

Build an agreement about "What is in for us?"



Show the four principles of the agile manifesto:

∙ Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

∙ Working product over comprehensive documentation

∙ Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

∙ Responding to change over following a plan

Use the principles:

‣ for self-assessment of their own culture

‣ as a discussion basis for dealing with the customer and with each other

‣ for deriving work hacks or next steps

#Agility #Emergence #Trust #NewWork #FutureAbility #WorkHacks #CoCreation


More information: https://t1p.de/my2

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