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Abigail Story

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Participants will be split in groups and will have to decide on a ranking of the characters from the story.




    Read the story to the participants and ask them to rate the characters from best to worst.

    Then group them into teams and ask them to discuss their selections and find a common concensus in the next several minutes. Participants will start having arguments over their selections until they reach a compromise. In the end the value of the exercise comes on the debriefing when the trainer has to stress the value of accepting each others different values and worldview and understanding that there is right or wrong answer.


    Once upon a time there was a pretty girl called Abigail who lived in a house with her mother. Everyday she would walk across her town, over the only bridge crossing the river to river to see her boyfriend, Tom. Abi thought Tom was lovely! She would skip and sing on her way to see her boyfriend, and they were very much in love.

    Of course Tom also thought Abi was lovely. He too would cross the town and the only bridge across the river to go and see Abi, but he didn't skip and sing, at least when the other boys were looking he didn't!

    They were so in love and would walk around holding hands to show everyone how much they loved each other. Aww

    One night a great storm flooded the river and swept away the bridge, the only bridge so the next morning they could only stand on opposite banks of the river and wave to each other, both very sad that they couldn't hold hands.

    Abigail cried. She cried and cried and cried and wanted to see her Tom, but it would be months before a new bridge would be built, and there was no other way to cross the river. Then after a few days Abigail saw a little rowing boat tied up on the river, and went to speak to the man who owned it.

    "Please" Abi begged "Please row me across the river so I can see my Tom". The man who owned the boat was called Sinbad. Not many people spoke to him, and very little was known about him. Sinbad thought about Abigail's problem and offered to help. "I will row you across the river" Sinbad said, and Abi smiled, but she was happy to quickly. Sinbad continued "I will row you across the river, if you sleep with me."

    Abigail's smile turned into a frightful scream and she ran off crying. She couldn't decide what to do. She wanted to see Tom so badly, but didn't want to sleep with Sinbad. She felt torn between seeing her boyfriend and cheating on him with Sinbad, and she felt she needed to ask someone for advice, so sat down with mother and explained the whole story.

    Abigail's mother listened to her story and when Abi had finished she looked at her mother, waiting for her advice. "well" her mother started "you need to sort this one out for yourself". Abigail's mother offered no advice as she wanted Abi to make the decision for herself.

    Abi was now more confused than ever and sat in her park thinking over her options. She decided she wanted to see Tom more than ever... he would know what to do, so she jumped up and went to Sinbad.

    1After she slept with him, Sinbad kept his word and took her on his boat across the river. Abi ran as soon as she arrived on shore to Tom. Tears running her face, she banged on his door and he was very shocked to see Abi, and to see that she was so upset. Abi explained everything that happened to her, and when she told Tom she had to sleep with Sinbad to see her, he went crazy.

    "WHAT!" he shouted "you cheated on me... with Sinbad!" Abi tried to explain why she did it, but Tom was so angry he slammed the door shut and didn't want to speak to Abi again.

    Abi cried some more, and now was on the wrong side of the river to ask her mother for advice, but she knew where Tom's best friend, Bob, lived.

    She went around to Bob's house and explained everything to him. Bob let her into his house and gave her a nice cup of tea to try and help things. As Abi explained what had happened today, Bob was disgusted with how Tom had acted. So disgusted in fact that he went around to Tom's house and beat him up for treating Abi so badly.

    Then Bob left with Abigail.

    And this is where our story ends.

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