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A virtual 100$ budget game for decision-making using Stormz

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A smart and fun decision-making workshop with Stormz ( Add your own options and ask people to spend a virtual $100 budget on the options they like the most. Using money, even if virtual, gives a very interesting dynamic. By using Stormz, you will have direct and visual results of your vote-session. From 3 to a thousand participants.

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  • Stormz and devices like smartphones, iPad.


Create your workshop on Stormz and add the options that you want to submit to the vote. Share the nine-digit code of your workshop with your participants. They will be able to join your workshop by using it on

1. Invest your budget

Imagine you have a $100 budget to sponsor the best options. How would you spend your budget?

For example, you can spend:

$100 on only one single option,

or $1 on one hundred options.

Note to the facilitator: before starting, you should add the different options by adding one card per option. Once ready, then you can move to the next step.

2. Discuss results

Here are the results.

The options are sorted by the total number of votes.


Source: Stormz

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