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The famous League of Explorers* is up for yet another challenge, this time in an ancient Mayan jungle. Deep within the jungle a very valuable relic - the golden dinosaur awaits them. Hidden behind a large waterfall the golden dinosaur lays, waiting for it's treasures to be reaped! But all kinds of challenges await in the jungle until they get their hands on the golden dinosaur...

*The League of Explorers are the participants


The goal of the game is to cross the waterfall using the stones beneath it as a team and claim the prize.

The mission is completed only when the whole team is touching the golden dinosaur.

The game aims to increase teamwork, trust and build relationships among team members.

The game also aims to revise what was learned during the seminar/sessions.




    - Only 1 player at a time

    - Enter the field by reaching an empty rock in the 1st row. Find the task underneath it and read it out loud

    - If you complete the task, you may stay on that rock

    - If you fail, take a step back to your original position

    Rinse and repeat ⬆

    - If you touch the water, take a step back

    - Be careful of unexpected changes to the playing field*

    *Unexpected changes: Game organizers can go in and remove certain rocks to make the participants' path more challenging or do a wave/avalanche to reduce the players' balance and fall on the water


    As a reward, they are given special handmade badges and the feeling of closeness and support during the teamwork

    When altogether the team is lifting the dinosaur, they are welcomed with a message that says "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

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