Erica Marx

5 choices

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1. Remain a victim 
2. Reframe it / change perspective 
3. Change it
4. Accept it
5. Leave it 



5 choices 

1. remain a victim (choosing this, so there is some power)
being at the cause vs being at the effect - where is your power, where is your choiceexample: beliefs, this is a horrific time of year

2. reframe it / change perspective - find new way to look at it. take same actions. can be turn that frown upside down. shift relationship of what you’re experiencing

3, change it - take a different action, make a diff choice - stay engaged with the activity.

have conversation with co-worker.

4. accept it -- with no energy - this is hardest to do, pure acceptance

5. leave it - move/quit/break up / boundary


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