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When facing impossible task, are you ready to ask others for help? Do you see rules as limitations or opportunities?



By observing the environment and, reach a certain goal of each activity by asking for help from other teams.




    Whole number of participants are divided into three equal teams with the same number of players.

    • Team 1 has their legs tied and their goal is to bring a jenga tower from point A to point B.

    • Team 2 has their hands tied behind their backs and their goal is to equally fill each mug with a ladle that has been put in a jug of water.

    • Team 3 has their mouth closed (not being able to use it) and the goal of their team is to separate different glasses of water that are filled with a solution mixed with salt, sugar and vinegar into the right place on the table,


    In a circle separate participants to three different teams,

    Each separate team then goes to an individual station, distanced enough to see each other, but not far or close, with a task that needs to be completed. 

    Before getting teams to place it is necessary to prepare stations with a description of the task (jenga, mugs, taste) and each station with material they are using in the game.

    During the duration of the game, each team is able to struggle to reach a goal of their team or by observing others come to certain conclusions that other team members are easily able to solve their task.

    Only way to complete a task is establishing communication with other teams inside the big group by asking them for help. If they solve it any other way the facilitators can still demand for another way of solving the problem, which leads to asking others for help.


    • How did you feel?
    • How hard was it for you to solve the problem?
    • At what moment did you decide to ask for help? How did you feel about asking for help?
    • How often does it happen for you to struggle with asking for help?
    • What can we take for it?


    This game was created by participants of the Youth Exchange Boomerang. The project was funded by Erasmus+.

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