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3 series

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establish pattern of passing within the group
pass a category of items on that pattern. 
Then establish a new pattern, add new categories, run both at the same time.


group focus and concentration


Everyone in a circle. Pick a category (e.g. make of cars, girls names, kinds of food, kinds of plants, whatever). First person states an example of the category, and points to someone else. Keep pointing. That someone else does the same, with a different item in the category, and so forth, until everyone points at one person.

Then repeat the pattern. Make eye contact when passing your item to the next person. Drop the pointing arms when everyone is comfortable and the series is collectively memorized.

Then do the same with a second category, and make sure the pointing pattern is different. Repeat till everyone is comfortable.

Then do the same exercise, without pointing, and running the 2 categories at the same time. Add a third, fourth category if you wish. No pointing arms any more!

The idea is not only to listen for the item right before yours in the series (so you know when its your turn), but also to make sure that when you pass an item to someone else, that someone else actually hears you. If not, then repeat your item, to ensure the series does not get broken. See also You.


Add another pattern by taking the next person's place in the circle.


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