Impact on people and planet (with AI)

Educate employees from different positions within a company about the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) framework and its importance for product management, with the help of AI.

Created by Catalina Mueller


ESG reporting is coming. You might want to familiarise your workforce with the ESG concept (Environmental, Social, and Governance), so that the transition to a more sustainable business happens smoothly, while also touching on the potential and risks of using generative AI in daily tasks. 

The ESG framework helps you go beyond the conventional financial success metrics, by pushing you to consider not only the positive impacts that goods/ services and the operations to deliver them have on people and planet, but also the negative ones in order to minimise them.

When should this session be delivered?

The main driver of this workshop could be given by the pressure created by regulatory requirements related to sustainability. However, the right time to organise such a session has to do with having the motivation to address sustainability and implement responsible business practices. Some specific scenarios in which such a workshop can be set: 

  • When the company is actively launching or expanding sustainability initiatives (such as setting specific sustainability goals, implementing green practices, or developing a sustainability strategy);
  • When the company is developing new products or revamping existing ones;
  • When the company is actively involved in CSR activities or aims to enhance its social and environmental responsibility;
  • As part of an ongoing employee engagement program to ignite a sense of purpose and inspire employees to contribute to sustainable practices within their roles.

Who can facilitate it?

The workshop can be run by facilitators that are able to guide discussions, encourage active participation, provide examples and allow participants to reflect on their practices. 

An external expert can offer a more informal and free of expectations space for participants to relate the ESG framework and the AI tool to their own work. 

The workshop template includes the relevant content that helps in guiding discussions. It’s rather easy when the facilitator is familiar with concepts related to sustainability and generative AI.

This template was the winner of the “Best Virtual Workshop” award in the April 2023 innovative workshop design contest organized by SessionLab and the NeverDoneBefore community.

Check out the template details including step-by-step plan with instructions, timings, printable schedule and more

About the author

Catalina has over two decades of experience in designing immersive learning experiences, teaching at both undergraduate and graduate levels, collaborating with institutions from Romania, Latvia, Lithuania and Germany and conducting research related to management topics in international settings. 

Currently she is a facilitator for Leaders for Climate Action and a visiting lecturer for Gisma Business School. Reach out on LinkedIn if you need support with the workshop or talk about sustainability, learning, AI or design.

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