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Who is the artist?

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How well do you know your colleagues? Encourage your co-workers to share an interesting fact or story about themselves while flexing their artistic and creative skills!

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Encourage creativity, get to know your team better and have fun!


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  • Pencil / pen and paper, if drawing manually
  • Camera / camera phone to take picture of drawing and to share it


Ask every employee to draw an image which tells a unique story or fact about their lives. The catch? No words allowed - drawing only!

For example, this could be a drawing of themselves and their family, or of a hobby they partake in. It could be a drawing of their favourite item of clothing, or of what they did at the weekend. 

The important factors are that:

- The item is drawn, therefore the team must deduce who the artist is

- The subject of the drawing will tell the team members something that they didn't know already

If you are running this activity live / in-person:

After giving the audience identical size / plain paper and pens, ask them to complete their drawing and return it to the facilitator who will shuffle them and display each in turn to the participants to guess who it was drawn by.

If you are running this activity remotely:

Ask the audience to create their drawing using their computer. They could then upload their art to a shared folder (if the uploader's name can be kept anonymous) or added to an online shared whiteboard for others to guess the artist. There may be software which your team is already familiar with, and would feel comfortable using to submit their drawing.

The team will be shown one drawing at a time to guess who the artist was. When the correct guess is made, that person needs to share their story with the group.


After the last person has explained their drawing, the facilitator should encourage the audience to reflect on their colleagues' stories, and reinforce that the artistic aspect was a creative way for the team to express themselves.

After one person explains their drawing, the facilitator may like to encourage deeper sharing, and ask why that person chose that story / item and what it means to them.

Variation option

Ask all participants to draw their sketch on a desktop app (e.g. MS Paint) without the use of the eraser tool. This will result in some rather 'creative' drawings!


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