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Want - Have - Don't Want - Don't Have

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Want, Have, Don't Want, Don't Have is a Sprint Retrospective format based on coaching exercises, helping people who practice them focus on what they want to get and what they don't want to have.


This is one way that helps the Scrum team be solution-oriented to do better in the next Sprint.




    1. Prepare a large board, pens, post-it... (If you are organizing a Sprint Retrospective online, I have also prepared a Mural template for you, which you can copy and use for your team. Link Mural template)

    2. Draw on the board four zones as shown above, and explain to the team what each zone means, as well as how to do it before starting: 

    • Want, Have: These are the things the team aspired to have and achieved. This is the goal the team wants to achieve. 
    • Don't Want, Have: These are the things the team doesn't want, but they exist. 
    • Want, Don't Have: These are the things the team wants but hasn't achieved yet. 
    • Don't Want, Don't Have: The team doesn't want and doesn't happen within the team. This is also the team's goal, to stay away from what the team does not want.

    3. You ask each individual to record their thoughts on the post-it for each region Want, Have; Don't Want, Have; Want, Don't Have; Don't Want, Don't Have. (5 to 10 minutes)

    4. Then, invite individuals to pair up, discuss their thoughts, and create a shared list of both. (5 to 10 minutes)

    5. Then, depending on the number of team members, if it is from 8 members or more, you continue to invite 2 people to combine with another group into a group of 4 people. Also, discuss and share thoughts on the four areas above and create a group list of 4 people (5 to 10 minutes). If your group is less than 8 people, you can skip this step and proceed to the next step. (5 to 10 minutes)

    6. As a team, discuss the results written in the four regions, and post them on the group's opinion board. (5 to 10 minutes)

    7. Go through each region with the whole team. Inspire discussion to get more comments, ideas and help the team be more aware of each idea if possible. (15 minutes)

    8. Encourage the team to discuss and choose three action items that should be improved in 3 regions: Don't Want, Have; Want, Don't Have. If the team selects an item to change in the Don't Want, Have, the goal is (stop it or leave) to bring the item back to the Don't Want, Don't Have area. And if you choose an item to change in the Want, Don't have; then the goal is to get what the team wants, that is, bring the item to the Want, Have. (10 to 15 minutes)


    This guide implements "Want, Have, Don't Want, Don't Have​" Sprint Retrospective that Scrumviet has combined with the 1-2-4-all method to help you get more specific examples. Read the original post here: "Want, Have, Don't Want, Don't Have​" Sprint Retrospective.

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