Walk the talk

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45 - 90 Low

Let your participants enjoy fresh air while talking about serious topics



Use this method for building trust, connecting participants, letting them analyse a problem or create first ideas/solutions.



Start by explaining the advantages of thinking while moving. Then explain that the next step is to walk in pairs and discuss the current question. Suggest that half of the time is participant A speaking and on the way back Participant B. Write down the question, e.g.: 

∙ How (dis)satisfied am I with the current situation?

 ∙ What are my current most important (leadership) challenges/questions? 

Explain what the participants should bring back as a result. Remind the participants to take a picture of the focus question before they leave the room.

Another way to use the Walk the talk: provide participants with the focus question (similar to the above). Ask them to bring back an inspiration (e.g. something from the nature or a foto of it). Debrief how the inspiration outside helped them to answer the focus question.


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