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Virtual Bingo

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A bingo game that is played throughout a live session using common virtual session occurrences. 



Raise awareness of common meeting distractions in hopes to avoid them or focus on positive program content.




    1. Design and distribute the bingo cards. Individual files can be sent or virtual links can be shared. Give instructions as needed. Keep in mind, getting Bingo could involve 1 line, 2 lines, etc.

    2. During the session, allow participants to note when they see something on the bingo card. This might be in Chat or verbally. It’s key to announce and allow everyone to mark their card to avoid disputes later, plus everyone marking items stays true to the original bingo play.

    3. When someone gets Bingo they announce it. Award prizes as needed. 

    Here are common virtual meeting problems:

    Forgot to Unmute

    Forgot to Mute

    Forgot to use Video

    Forgot to turn off Video

    Hear outside talking

    Hear outside noises

    Animal in view

    Child in view

    Outside person in view

    Dropped object

    Cough or sneeze

    Audio problem

    Video stalled

    Exit and rejoin

    Incorrect chat send

    Wrong file sent

    Wrong window shared

    Can't open link

    Gone more than 5 min

    Urgent phone call

    Obvious multi-tasking

    Blurry background

    Shadow face (backlight)

    Bad word


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