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Tug of War

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26 - 50 High
Force Field Analysis


Combining the worst and the best factors to find a solution




    Setting: in cases of merging companies the annual reports, mission statement and further company background information is needed.

    Pre-Work Required: Yes, in forms of research on past scenarios and the outcomes of such.

    1. State the problem
    2. Describe the best case scenario
    3. Describe the worst case scenario
    4. List the conditions for each scenario
    * for each case, what are some of the things that help / hinder that outcome
    5. Note the "Tug-of-War"
    * try and look at the opposing forces that can help / hinder, and see which can be modified.

    Usual or Expected Outcomes: Not the best, but the most suitable solutions, since this method uses the worst and the best to find a way out of business dilemmas

    Potential pitfalls: Disagreements between two parties.

    How success is evaluated: By developing a plan with this method providing the main and basic information


    Source: Michael Michalko

    Alternative names: Force Field Analysis

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    • Can use visuals on the wall to hold the groups answers to the steps -- a "rope" can demonstrate the tug of war, with the best case and its conditions on the right side, and the worst case and its conditions on the left.

      over 5 years ago