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Touch Blue

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Touch Blue is a classic energiser that is quick and easy fun for remote teams too! Challenge participants to find objects on their desk that match the attributes you select and have fun doing so!



Energise teams with a quick and easy challenge that also gives them the opportunity to share something from their lives!



Step 1:

Begin by having the facilitator call out something that each participant has to touch and show to the screen. An example might be “touch blue” or “touch something warm” or "touch something soft."

This might be something on their desk, an item of clothing, or something they have to go and find on their bookshelf. The last person to find an object then has to select the next attribute. 

Step 2:
Continue to play until each participant has had the chance to select an attribute. If you want to up the ante, introduce a second attribute to the mix. "Touch something blue and old," or "touch something red that you can eat."

Step 3:
Debrief by identifying some of the group's favorite responses and items and encouraging the owner to talk a little about why they selected them.


If you want to make this energizer a little competitive, give participants only fifteen seconds to find an object and eliminate those players who don't find one in time! The last remaining player wins!

If you want to keep participants on their toes, try running single rounds of this energizer throughout your meeting or workshop when the energy is dipping!

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