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The North Wind Blows...

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5 - 1010 - 20 Low

The game enables participants to get to know each other and have fun at the same time. Also since it takes a lot of moving it can be used as an energiser too.



To get participants to find commonalities amongst themselves, and to get participants comfortable with speaking to the entire group



Set Up

Have the entire group stand in an enclosed circle with one participant in the middle.


The participant in the center of the circle, or caller, announces "The North Wind blows for anyone who"...followed by a particular characteristic that the caller shares. Ex: "The North Wind blows on anyone who has more than one sibling" A personal favorite of mine is "The North Wind blows on anyone who has played this game in a language aside from English". Everyone to whom that characteristic applies then runs into the circle and switches places with someone else from the circle who also shares that characteristic. The caller must also find a place in the circle, and whoever is left without a place becomes the new caller. It's very easy for this game to become mundane (eg, TNWB for anyone who's wearing jeans, has glasses, etc.) so encourage participants to be creative and unique.


Optional-ask if anyone learned something new about a fellow participant, or enourage people to start a conversation with another person about one of the issues addressed in the game.


Have everyone take off their left shoe at the beginning of the game, and leave it where they start. At the end of the game, have everyone put on the shoe that they're standing next to (or try to), and then meet other people by switching shoes


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