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The 300-Year-Gap Conversation/Time Traveler

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In pairs, participant A attempts to communicate the use and value of a modern-day object to participant B, who plays the role of someone from 300 years ago.

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To introduce the importance of finding an analogy, a story, or a common point of connection when talking to an audience.


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    Game Flow:

    • In each pair assign a person A and person B.
    • Person B plays the role of someone from 300 years ago.
    • Person A endeavors to explain a modern-day object (e.g., a cell phone, a television, an airplane, a microwave oven) to person B. 
    • Partners switch roles and repeat. (Round two, person A has landed on finger and broken it, and person B has to convince them to put their finger into an X-ray machine.)


    • Tell the As the object secretly, without the Bs knowing. 
    • Add a round in which pairs explain to each other some technical process or skill or area of knowledge that they are expert in, but their partner is not familiar with.


    • Encourage person B to wholeheartedly embrace the character and mind-set of someone from 300 years ago. (Hint: lots of different things were happening in different parts of the world, but electricity was not in use yet.)
    • Perhaps demo the activity, playing person B. Illustrate misunderstanding of non-period words, for example: "Wait, you press a button? Like on my shirt?"


    • How did you approach your task at first?
    • What strategies did you use?
    • What was it like to take on the mindset of someone from 300 years ago?
    • What judgments did you make or not make about the inability of the person from 300 years ago to understand the object?
    • What is this like in real life? What gaps do you need to navigate?
    • How can thinking of those gaps like you thought of this gap help you be a more effective communicator?


    Source: Performance of a Lifetime

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    • Kat Koppett, who I think created this, now teaches this as a 500 year gap (rather than 300 years) to remove the exercise from the period of slavery of Africans in the USA. Another suggestion is to try is a more general context of " a time hundreds of years ago, before the invention of electricity"

      over 1 year ago
    • Or maybe it was POL that created it?? IDK, but Kat made this note at a workshop

      over 1 year ago