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Take a Stand

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This is a practical, dynamic and versatile method for groups to explore ideas and questions together. Something like a physical questionnaire; participants respond to questions by walking around the space and placing themselves on an imaginary line. This provides a starting point for reflection and discussion and brings teams together.



To explore ideas and questions together



Step 1:

Decide on the purpose and focus of the session. You can do this with or without the input of the group.

Write at least five questions centred around a topic. The participants are going to place themselves along a line depending on their answer to a questions or how much they agree with a statement. For example, if the focus is on how well the team is working together. You might ask:

  • “How well are we communicating as a team? 0 is not communicating at all. 10 is perfectly open and clear communication.”
  • “How do I feel about my role in the team? 0 is very negative. 10 is very positive.”
  • “Are we producing high quality work? 0 is not at all. 10 is yes absolutely.”

Facilitator notes

This is a versatile session that is useful for team building but can be adapted to many other focuses. For example: exploring values; confidence with digital tools; feedback on sessions; debating contentious issues; etc.

Step 2:

Set up the room so there is enough space for everyone to stand along an imaginary line. Explain the concept of the session to the group, designating one side of the room as “0” and the other side as “10”.

Step 3:

Ask the first question.

Giving the participants a few seconds to arrange themselves along the line.

Get them to discuss their answer to the question with someone nearby. Why did they place themselves there? How do they feel about it? What needs to change?

Step 4:

Now take some time for the whole group to hear from people at different points on the line. Ideally as many as you have time for, but at least one from each extreme and one somewhere in the middle.

If this step breaks out into a discussion then that’s great. The purpose is to get a group talking about the things they need to talk about. Give them as much time as you have.

Step 5:

Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have used all of your prepared questions, or the time is nearly up.

Before closing the session ask the group to define and write down any key actions that emerged through discussion. They should assign a person and a deadline to each action.


Source: Hyper Island toolbox

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