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Super-hero snap

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10 - 20 Low

Encourage creative thinking, expressive drawing and teamwork with this simple but effective energiser activity.



At the end of this activity, the team will feel a greater sense of cohesion and be more self aware of the strengths their colleagues and themselves bring to their team.




    Begin this activity by asking each participant to decide on, and give a name to the unique superpower that they bring to the team (without telling anyone else).

    For example, they could identify as a super-speaker, a hero-helper or a wonder-writer. Now ask them to draw themselves as a superhero (don't forget their mask and cape!) acting out their specific skill.

    Next, everyone should submit their drawing and the name of their super-skill to the facilitator.

    The facilitator organises the superhero names, the name of each attendee, and the pictures onto an online whiteboard tool, and asks the participants to work together to match the drawing to the super-skill, and decide who's is in the picture.

    The objective is to match each drawing to the correct artist, and to the correct skill.


    Ask everyone to use an online drawing program (e.g MS Paint) to see how skilled these artists really are!


    Once the task is over, ask the participants whether they would have chosen these skills for each other, or whether they would suggest alternative skills instead.

    Encourage the team to focus on the specific strengths they bring to the organisation, and how each person's unique skill complement each other and results in a successful team. 

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