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Speak Up!

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Get over your fear of public speeches and presentation by embracing the beauty of making mistakes.


This game is about raising the confidence of people when it comes to public speaking but also their general public appearance and helping them Speak up!

This works by making them to do mistakes and admitting it In front of others that they made a mistake.

And also by making them come up with reasons to pursue people of something that doesn't make sense and its stupid while they are publicly speaking and pressured by the time to make them do more mistakes and see at the end that everyone is doing mistakes and there is nothing to be afraid of.



    Game 1: Big fish, small fish

    People split into few groups (depending on the people. Make sure there are few groups at least 4 with 4 people each).

    Players in team are passing a signal: either "big fish" or "small fish".  When people shouts

    • "small fish" they are showing with their hands big fish
    • and "big fish" when they are showing small fish with their hands
    and pass it to the other person. Receiver is choosing what signal is passing. 

    This needs to be happening fast and when someone makes a mistake (ie. screams "big fish" and showing big fish with their hands) they need to shout "I MESSED UP" and run to join another group.

    Game 2: Speak up!

    Make a list of stupid statements. For example:

    • Santa Claus should be banned.
    • All cars should be powered by olive oil.
    • Mars should be governed with communism.
    • All board games should have pictures of kittens on them.
    • Humans should live in the ocean.
    • Why Lemons should be square.

    Players are picking up a random paper with a statement. 

    They have 90 seconds since they picked the paper to persuade others why the "statement" is good idea and should be applied. 

    The more stupider and less meaningful the statement or question is the better.

    People that are struggling with English they get up to 2 minutes but with no other help other than explaining to them the question or statement in their native language if possible.

    You can not read out loud what the pepper says, only after your turn has ended.


    This game was created by participants of the Youth Exchange Boomerang. The project was funded by Erasmus+.

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