Pablo Luengas

Soft skills Engagement Game

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This is a good game to begin a workshop. It sets everyone on the mood to learn, share, and participate.



a) get some participants to know each other + build community 

b) derive learning while having fun/being engaged & debriefing.


- A's tell B's about a a great restaurant (or event) they should go to

- B's do all they can to NOT listen

- C's observe what's said, happens, etc.

End after 1-2 minutes or so, then rotate. Listener & observer instructions stay the same. Speakers' assignment changes:

- B's tell C's about some tool or behavior that will increase effectiveness

back at work. C's work hard to not listen.

- C's tell A's all the reasons they think A is such a cool, or bright, or engaging, or

effective person (at work). A's do all they can to not listen.

Have trios debrief briefly then have a room wide call out, and end speaking

to insights, learnings in "real life"

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