Vojta Žák

Singing couples/trios

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Show people that anybody can sing.


Sing in group and reach a harmony.



    • The whole group is divided to couples.
    • Every couples organise in a way that there is enough distance between each (in order hear themselves better).
    • The task is for the couple to sing together songs that both of the participants know (or improvise vocals and sounds, trying to achieve harmony)
    • Any musical instruments available can be used

    In the end, the bravest couple(s) sing in front of everyone else a piece in which they managed to achieve harmony. For 10 minutes, this could be about three to four songs, so three or four different couples.

    • Re-organisation - the division is by trios. 
    • The same task, but this time it has to be songs that all three of the participants know or to attempt a vocal/sound harmony (therefore not necessary to be an actual existing song, it can be improvisation) 

    Showtime - the trios which are brave enough share their songs in front of everyone else.


    Participants share how they felt during the activity, what they liked and what not, what are the results, what did they learn and etc. 


    This activity had been proposed for Muses, Youth Exchange about meaningful connection through art, funded by Erasmus+.

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