Scénarios rose et noir

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60 - 1204 - 20

Identify a project, to highlight stakes and key success factors

PINK successful scenario vs BLACK failing scenario



Renforcer les liens entre les membres d'une nouvelle équipe

Dans le cadre d'une réunion pour un nouveau projet afin de mettre en évidence ses enjeux et ses conditions de réalisation



    1) Split the team into two groups; Present the two scenarii; Distribution des feutres (10 mins)
    2) Each group write the actions which led to this scenario - using past tense (brainstorming, then structure on one flipchart) (20 mins)
    IMPORTANT to list actions which were not done, as well as actions badly performed
    3) Each group present the scenario from actions to results (one spokesman) + discussion to reformulate (20 mins)
    4) Synthesis of the actions (15 mins)
    a- identical actions: those which are on both lists as well or badly done
    b- specific actions: the ones which contribute to the success / failure
    5) Conclude with synthesis of the actions to put in place for success (5 mins)

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