Round Robin

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Vivid way to structure a discussion for a complex topic.



Find out different aspects of a question/topic. Involve everyone in the room (even introverted people). Make the group stand and move (energy!). Create tons of input for later decisions/actions.




    Start by dividing a complex topic into three to four different aspects. Write the different aspects as questions on cards or flipcharts and arrange them in different corners of the room. Now ask the participants to divide into as many groups as there are questions and answer one of the questions in their respective groups. After about 5 minutes, ask all groups to move clockwise and to continue until each group has worked on each question.

    No long presentations are needed, as everyone worked on every topic. 

    #CoCreation #Diversity #Insights #Solutions

    We've created a video on how to use this method: https://vimeo.com/365129688 


    This method is part of the WonderCards kit. 

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