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Remote pencil pitch

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Help your team practice their pitching skills while having fun with this improv activity perfect for remote teams or virtual meetings.

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Sharpen your teams presentation and pitching skills while also encouraging improvisation and creative thinking.


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    Step 1:
    Set up a slide deck of weird and wonderful objects prior to the meeting and ensure no one has seen them beforehand. You'll want at least ten slides, though we recommend more, particularly for large groups. Share this on-screen with your participants.

    Step 2:
    Find a volunteer or nominate a person to begin. Invite your participants to pitch whatever comes up on the next slide to the rest of the group. Their aim is to sell the object to the group and talk about its features and benefits.

    Time it so participants have thirty seconds to pitch and keep things moving by switching slides and nominating the next person to take over pitching when you deem fit. This keeps everyone on their toes and builds the energy!

    Step 3:
    Once everyone has had a turn improvising, give everyone a round of applause and select the best pitcher. Give them an extra clap!


    This exercise can be tailored to your needs easily.

    If you're wanting to be more product-focused, have the slides be of possible future features of ideas you've worked on earlier in the session.

    If you want to make it more fun, create a slide deck of fictional characters and have each participant tell the group why this character should be the next president!


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