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Red plan

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Define collectively within a team what could be the 'degraded' contexts you would have to face and then how you are going to work in these particular contexts, especially the decision making levels, spaces of freedom ad responsibility.



The objective is to define in advance how you are going to work in case of abnormal context (e.g. a crisis)


​Being empowered means you are able to adapt your leadership style and the way you manage activities depending on your context. 

 You may have a standard way of working which is really 'empowered', take collective decisions and so on, but decide that in some precise situations that you need to enter into a more directive way of working. 

What we call the 'red plan': A detailed plan describing how to work in a particular context. It has obviously to be defined and shared with the team: What is the context you want to consider?What are the conditions to trigger the red plan?What are the ways of working? (especially, how to take decisions and who? Note: It is not mandatorily the manager!!) What is the maximal duration of this way of working (it is important to know when/how to go out from the red plan)


This practice can be used by any team, but more particularly within teams having defined an empowered way of working that may be altered in case of context changing.

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