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Rain icebreaker

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This meeting icebreaker is a great energizer to do right before a break or coming back from a break, especially if you have stragglers



Because it emulates the sound of a rain shower it ends up making a lot of noise and alerts those stragglers to return to the room. It’s easy to do, takes no special equipment or practice and even gets the shy folks involved. So here’s the easy-to-follow how-to for “making it rain.”



  1. Starting at the front of the room have everyone in the front row rub their hands together vigorously.

  2. Once they get started, have the second row begin rubbing their hands together as well.

  3. As each row continues, have each successive row begin, one at a time until you reach the back row.

  4. Now, go back to the front row and have them stop rubbing their palms and start snapping their fingers.

  5. Again, have each consecutive row switch from rubbing to snapping.

  6. Once you reach the back, go back to the front and have them begin slapping their knees.

  7. After reaching the back row with slapping, go back to the front and have them resume snapping their fingers, again working your way to the back.

  8. Once again, back to the front and have each row switch back to rubbing their palms.

  9. Finally, tell the front row stop and one at a time have each row stop.

  10. End with saying, “We’ve just had a wonderful little rain shower in here so now go take a break. (or let’s get back to work – whichever is appropriate.)

What’s really great is if you don’t tell them what you are trying to do beforehand. Most people will figure out that it sounds like rain as you are doing it.


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