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For participants to get acquainted with each other in a meaningful way



For participants to get acquainted with each other




    Setting: A set of quotes.

    Pre-Work Required: The quotes need to be prepared ahead of time. Put one quote each on one sheet of paper and have enough quotes for more than the number of participants, say number of participants plus 25%.

    Put a pile of quotes on slips of paper in the center of the room. Each participant picks up one quote, then picks a partner and partners begin to discuss what the quote says to tehm, if it is meaningful, and how... Then after a minute or so (very short) the facilitator gives a signal and participants switch partners, and switch quotes as well if participants like to do so. This continues for 15 minutes. This type of activity might also be revised to fit storytelling or sharing of a different sort.


    Derived from: Found at Ice Breakers, Introductions, Energizers And Other Experiential Exercises, From the Electronic Discussion on Group Facilitation http://www.albany.edu/cpr/gf/

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    • To adapt this method online, participants would be placed in breakout rooms in pairs and quotes made available on a collaboration board, i.e. Jamboard, Mural, Miro or similar

      over 2 years ago
    • I've used this before it's a great activity

      over 3 years ago