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Quick way to narrow down a decision



To develop a consensus about a issue or plan.





    Pre-Work Required: The alternatives need to have been developed before this step.


    1. Make all options visible, perhaps by writing on a flipchart or whiteboard.

    2. Go round and ask each person to state their preferred choice at this point in time.

    3. No reasons or discussion.

    4. Mark the choices.

    5. Then do a second round asking each person to explain their choice.

    6. Only questions of clarification are allowed.

    7. Repeat both rounds until a consensus is reached.

    Online Tips: Using an interactive online tool ( for example Slido) participants respond to the question given by doing  a live poll.


    Howick, Drew, Daily, Stewart, and Sprik, Abby: The Compleat Facilitator, Howick Associates, 2002, pp 62-63

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    • This method can help people get beyond gut level decisions to understanding others' perspectives while narrowing down alternatives.

      over 5 years ago