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Alphabet Review

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A simple reflection exercises where team members recall as many concepts or phrases relating to a workshop or training as possible for each letter of the alphabet.





    Set Up

    This activity can be done on a whiteboard, chalk board, big piece of paper, using post-it notes, or if your participants have computers and internet access, set up a shared Google spreadsheet and online whiteboard. 


    This is to be used at the end of a long class or training that has covered many terms and concepts. Have team members recall as many concepts or phrases as they can for each letter of the alphabet to create a shared glossary. e.g. in a class on Google AdWords - participants might recall K=Keywords, Q=Quality Score, L=Landing Page Quality, etc. 

    Depending on the group size and nature of the group, you can have people work together collaboratively on a whiteboard/chalkboard or a shared Google spreadsheet or they can work individually and share at the end.


    • You could also use this at the beginning of a training to help understand what participants already know about a topic
    • You could also have people not only list the terms but also define them. Or have pairs list terms, and then trade with another pair to define them.
    • It's also good for a group that will be working together to develop a shared vocabulary


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