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Powerpoint Karaoke

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Powerpoint Karaoke is an improv game where volunteers take turns presenting slide decks that they've never seen before, in front of a live audience.



Build communication skills and team bonding.



    Find some volunteers willing to present. Then get several slide decks, each with 8-10 random slides (you can build your own slide decks or find examples online).
    Have each volunteer give a presentation, having never seen the slides before. When all have presented, a winner can be chosen by panel or popular vote.

    Tips for running this activity online

    • A simple activity to run online - so long as you have everyone on webcam and present in your video conferencing tool, this one is run in very much the same way as a live workshop!
    • Pre-create one or more slide decks and present them to your group via screen share. It’s good to keep control of the slides yourself so you can move things along when needs be.

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    • almost 4 years ago
    • This is a brilliant activity for presentation or speaking skills trainings. I suggest to keep the amount of text on the slide low, so participants don't have to spend time understanding the slide. Also works really well with images only for story-telling.

      almost 5 years ago