Picture Cards

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Use picture cards in topics as described below.



Let participants think with the second half of the brain.




    Always have the picture cards with you. Lay them out for the participants or let the participants pull a card. Use them:

    ∙ For #Introduction rounds (Which card describes the participant or what he is good at?)

    ∙ As an impulse for spontaneous speech or #Storytelling tasks

    ∙ For #Brainstorming

    ∙ For #Reflection, conflict resolution, (relationship) clarification, team building

    ∙ For goal #Visualisation (Which picture shows the desired future? Why?)

    ∙ For #Feedback, flashlight, or for the concretisation of the preliminary results

    ∙ For next steps/intention visualisation

    You can buy picture cards or create your own collection.


    This method is part of the WonderCards kit. If you'd like to have a personal pack of WonderCards (offline, on paper!), please don't hesitate to klick in our 24x7 open shop: https://petranovskaja.com/shop/

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    • hey @Jennie, happy to seeve you here: https://petranovskaja.com/shop/

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    • I am interested in purchasing an English addition if available.

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