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Photo diary

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Get a window in someone else's life. Gain access to the parts of someone's life you might not otherwise see by having them keep a photo diary for a few days or weeks.



1. Decide what you want to learn about your user, and create prompts for what you want them to capture, Try to anchor your prompts around emotions:

Take a photo of the hardest part of your morning

Take a photo of the most delightful part of your day.

Take a photo of your most trusted friend.

2. Recruit 3-5 people and send them your prompts. They can take the photos with their phones or you can give them disposable cameras depending on the context.

3. Review the photos together. Ask them to tell your stories about the photos they took. Take notes of the angles, subject matter and context. Did you notice any patterns? What did you learn about the preferences or emotions?

Project example

For a teen health project in Ethiopia, we gave young women polaroid cameras so they could capture their daily life and hopes for their future.

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