Communication Styles : P.A.A

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This activity is for communication style module. This is better conducted post  completing the part on communication styles (Communication styles - Passive, Aggressive & Assertive). 



To make the participants realize how each communication style work under different circumstances and pros & cons in each communication style.




    Note for the facilitator: 1. Prepare chit bowl , each chit will carry one communication style, like wise prepare the sets based on the participants size. 2.Choose a topic for a group discussion it can be any topic. 

    Step 1 : Brief the participants on the activity.

    Step 2: Ask the participants to sit around a single round table.

    Step 3: The facilitator will ask each participant to pick a chit from the chit bowl (each chit will have one communication style).

    Step 4: Participants will not reveal the communication style.

    Step 5: Now the facilitator will tell the participants to start the group discussion on the topic chosen by the facilitator.

    Step 6: Participants will initiate their GD and they will communicate as per the communication style traits.

    Step 7: After 10 min of discussion facilitator can ask the group to come to an conclusion on the topic.

    Step 8: Ask the participants to sit in the same place for debrief.

    Debrief: Randomly pick the participant and ask the participant which communication style he/she got in the chit and how did he/she feel while following a specific communication  style during the  discussion and also pros & cons of the style followed by them during the activity.


    I used this method while making the participants understand how each communication style is different and importance of being an assertive communicator. 

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