Andrea Beliczki

One Thing, Nine Ways

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Stretch your imagination with some help form everyday objects.

Spark creativity by forcing yourself to see objects you know well from different perspectives or imagine new users for them.



1. Grab an object from your desk or home. It could be a pencil, an apple, a roll of tape...anything will do!

2. Divide a piece of paper into nine squares by folding it into thirds - first horizontally, then vertically.

3. Draw a different perspective of your object on each square - this could be simply a different viewpoint (from below or above) or a new, unconventional use for the object.

4. Repeat this exercise across the nine squares, and give yourself a short time limit (2-10 minutes) to complete it. Forcing your brain to quickly imagine many perspectives will get your creativity flowing without fail.


Try this exercise for the product, service, or experience you're designing. Think of nine unexpected ways someone could view or use it.

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