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Musical Neighbors

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To engerize the group and loosen people up




    Do your remember the game musical chairs? This is a bit like that. Does everyone have their place card? If not please get it.

    We want everyone to place themselves in a circle with your shoulders touching the person on both sides. Now take one step back.

    Please put your place card at your feet.

    The facilitator takes their place in the center of the circle.

    "As you'll notice, there is one less place than people in the group. That's why I'm in the center of the circle. So, I'll begin in the center of the circle, but my task is to try and find a place on the outside of the circle and have someone else end up without a place. The way I'm going to do that is to make a statement that is TRUE for me. For example, if I am wearing tennis shoes, I might say ˜All my neighbors who are wearing tennis shoes.' If that statement is also true for you, then you must come off your place and find another spot in the circle. I could also say something like˜All my neighbors who love to swim," and if that's true for you on the outside of the circle, you must move and find a new place. You may not move immediately to your right or left and you may not move off your space and return to it in the same round. Let's do this safely. No running. No body-checking, kicking or pinching. OK. I'll start."

    Stop the game when people are energized. Congradulation to the person in the center.

    Potential pitfalls: Being too silly for the group


    Source: http://www.pecosriver.com/resources_3.html#All%20My%20Neighbors

    History of Development: Found on the Pacos Partners website.

    Alternative names: All My Neighbors

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