Moonshot Thinking

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To be able to face up to and solve the grand challenges of our time, we need to be audacious in our approach and aspiration.



Moonshot Thinking is based on aspirations for creating a different future. This aspirational element is what ignites passion in individuals and groups; it’s what engages people’s hearts and minds to work together to realize their goal. It helps people to realize how you can make an impact on the industry or company.  

By answering different questions and writing down ideas, participants craft a Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP): the higher purpose of the organization, capturing the hearts and minds of both those inside the organization and those in their community and networks.




    Write down the top three items you are most excited about, or most piss you off (that you want to solve). For each of the problems you’re considering, score them as follows: 

    ASSESSMENT QUESTION Score (1-10). 

    1. If at the end of your life, you had made a significant dent in this area, how proud would you feel? 

    2. Given the resources you have today, what level of impact could you imagine making in the next 3 years? 

    3. Given the resources you expect to have in 10 years, what level of impact could you imagine making in a 3-year period?  

    4. How well do I understand the problem? 

    5. How emotionally charged (excited or pissed off) am I about this? 

    6. Will this problem get solved with or without you involved? (10 means you would make a big difference; 1 means a small difference.) 

    STEP 1. Starting-questions for crafting a MTP. 

    1. If you would have access to all resources in the world, what would you like to spend your energy on? 

    2. What is the leap you want to make transforming your current way of working with current resources; to the state you would want to spend your energy on? 

    3. Comparing answers from questions 1 and 2; what is the underlying problem, or what’s the problem that you are solving? And why is that a problem? 

    4. Who do you like to impact? To whom would you like to be a hero? 

    5. What is needed to get there? 

    6. Who would you like to or need to involve in this transformation? 

    STEP 2. Narrowing down your MTP 

    1. Write down all the ideas that you have extracted from the questions into sentences. 

    2. Rewrite your sentences into MTP.

    3. Dare-to-draw: make a drawing from your MTP.

    4. Explain it to others (‘how would you explain it to your grandma or kid?’); rewrite with their input. 

    STEP 3. Checklist for a great MTP. 

    1. It is more ambitious than just a company’s mission statement. 

    2. It is future-focused, solving tomorrow’s challenges, and not (only) today's. 

    3. It ignites passion and is not only motivated by profits. 

    4. It is not just a big goal or even a “big hairy audacious goal.” (It must also be driven by a purpose to create transformative impact.)


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