Molecules Energiser

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5 - 10 Low

Take 5-10 minutes time to wake up group's body & brain!



Get the group energized and cheering



Start in a large open area, preferably outdoors. Ask the participants to move around freely. Then call a number, e.g. "4". The participants should form small groups the size of the called number (Molecules). 

Whoever has completed their Molecule, may hug each other. 

Those who could not form a Molecule, drop out and wait for the next round. 

Increase the complexity by naming two numbers. The first number stands for the number of participants in the Molecule, the second for the number of legs on the floor e.g. "4 and 4". In each Molecule, there should then be only 4 legs on the ground. 

Make it as difficult as you want.


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