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Putting review points into your meeting helps to ensure not only that it stays on track, but that people share ownership for the outcomes. Review points are very quick and simple, but can have a big impact on your success. 

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To ensure the meeting remains on track and that people are fully engaged within it. While this can usually be achieved by an open question to the group, there are circumstances where the lack of anonymity in this approach may suppress emerging issues, and present problems later on. 


You will be able to upload attachments once after you create the method.


  • May require an anonymous real-time meeting feedback App such as https://www.sessionlab.com/methods/oski6b


Position every 2 hours in longer meetings, or at the end of shorter meetings, or after a new or challenging session to ensure that people are still fully engaged.

If the group is relatively small and entirely comfortable to speak their minds, simply ask the group if they are okay with how the meeting is going so far. For larger groups, you could use item 1 or 2 in https://www.sessionlab.com/methods/cd5r7b 

If some people may feel uncomfortable with speaking (acting) out publicly or appearing to criticise, invite people to quickly use a feedback App (such as https://www.sessionlab.com/methods/oski6b) to anonymously rate how they feel about how things are working for them (takes about 10 seconds)

Consider the feedback to see if there are any issues. 

If there are no issues, confirm this to the group and continue on. 

If issues are highlighted in the feedback, consider (perhaps with the group) how best to address them and move forward.


It is good practice to regularly review your progress with a group. If people feel confused, or unhappy with how the outcomes are delivered, they will have very low motivation to ensure that the meeting has a positive impact on subsequent events.

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