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Make it personal

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Build personas of ideas, products or experiences.

Imagine your product is a person. What's its name? What would its ideal date night be? Does it prefer the beach or the woods? This exercise is a playful way to nail down the essence of your idea, product, or service. Use it in ideation or as a way to hone an existing concept.



1. List some of the elements of a dating app or social media profile (think: name, age, interests, anthem, things you're good at, the first things people notice about you, and the six things you can't live without) Browse some dating sites for inspiration.

2. Fill out a profile, pretending your product, idea or service is a person.

3. Share it with your team. Feel free to make different profiles for different variations on your product.

4. You can even share your profile with users to get feedback on a big concept idea.

Project example

For a financial service project, we made dating profile personas of different brand directions to see which resonate the most with our end users. 

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