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Magic Box

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Ice breaking at the beginning of the workshop/meeting



The participants (and the moderator) get's to know something deeper about the personalities of the group.




    Ask the participants to just pick one object (not thinking too much about what to pick) out of the "magic box".

    You as a moderator start.

    Tell them

    - who you are, and

    - why you've chosen the object, and

    - additionally what could be the connection between the object and the topic of the workshop?

    Tips for running this activity online

    • Pick an online whiteboard tool that allows you to use a large, zoomable canvas.
    • Add a large selection of images of a variety of different objects to the board.
    • If you’re not using an online whiteboard, we’d recommend using a collaboration tool such as Google Docs to collect the images together and facilitate sharing and peer review.
    • When facilitating group discussion, we’d recommend that participants use non-verbal means to indicate they’d like to speak. You can use tools like Zoom’s nonverbal feedback tools, a reaction emoji, or just have people put their hands up.The facilitator can then invite that person to talk. 

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