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A brainstorming technique to generation product promotion ideas


Get the team thinking of how they want to promote their product, how they want to bring the message of their product accross to the consumers/buyers. 




    Print the pictures.
    Place each picture on a flipover.
    Display them on the wall.
    Participants walk by them and add ideas to the flipover.
    When everybody is finished, together read all flipovers and select the best option(s).


    This method was made by me to facilite a workshop where the team wanted to generate ideas how to advertise their product. The first session I used this technique was for a new Knorr soup product. Afterwards I used it for other sessions where the participants wanted to generate an idea to advertise/promote their product. They all very much enjoyed using these pictures and they thought it was a great stimulus to see what type of promotion fits their product. That discussion in itself was very interesting to the team and helped them to further define the best way to get the message of the product accross to the consumers. I hope this technique will be a good addition to your facilitation kit!

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