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Living Core Values

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For use with a team, organization or any peer group forum.

Can be done in person or virtual

This is designed to create a conversation that brings Core Values alive. This is great for a team that knows what values they stand for. Through this exercise they will celebrate their values in action and therefore be energized to magnify them further.

It will also help bring along anyone that is new so they can understand that the group really walks the talk


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A bonus benefit is that as they all share the stories they're getting to know each other really well and building connection.


Bringing Core Values to life. Galvanizing the team/organization to spark new ways to bring their core values to life. Inspiring the team, celebrating wins.

Introducing new team members to the organization's core values

Building culture


Set Up - 6 minutes

Define one of the teams Core Values. Give it a quick minimum viable definition to get them started.

Have participants reflect on:

When was a time that stands out more than any other where you saw, XYZ value leading to a phenomenal outcome or result, a time where you saw XYZ value coming to life?

Breakout rooms - 15 minutes

In small breakout groups (3-4 people), share a story of where you've seen it in action and the difference that it made.

Inside your groups nominate one of the stories that your small group thinks the larger group would like hearing.

Report Out - 9 minutes

Bring them back in to the larger group 

Ask people to drop in the chat - "What has this inspired for you?"

Invitation: "if your story got nominated, let's hear 3-5 stories."

Let people share as many stories as you have time for. Remind them of the time so that you get to hear multiple voices, not just one really long story. Each share should be around 1 minute.

If you have additional time:

Bonus question: Have people reflect on and drop in the chat (if virtual) or call out if in person, now that you've heard some great examples of people living one of our core values and the powerful results that brought about, where will you live it out? What difference will it make and to who?


This can shrink or stretch depending on how long you have and how long you spend on the sharing stories in the larger group.

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