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With this activity the participants get to know each other on a deeper level.



To foster the introduction between participants




    Set Up

    Pass out materials, plan at least 20-40 min for participants to draw their maps, and at least 5 minutes for each participant to share and answer a couple questions.


    This activity allows participants to share their life stories and serves as an ice breaker or getting to know you activity for groups that are newly formed or recently added new members. Each individual draws a "map" of their life starting from birth to the present using symbols to represent significant periods in their life. Many participants will say, "oh I can't draw!" and you can assure them quick stick figures, icons or words where necessary are fine - the point is the sharing not their drawing ability. Note: most people will underestimate how long it will take to share their story, so if you really only have 5 min per person, tell them they have 3 minutes to present, and use a time-keeper.


    Draw the map using map symbols only (e.g. stop signs, do not enter, curves ahead, etc.) to represent significant periods in their life.

    Create map collages using pictures cut from magazines or found online. Note: allow more time and additional materials for this option.


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    • Nice!

      about 2 years ago
    • We used this activity at a recent company retreat as a get-to-know / teambuilding tool as a new hire joined our team, at the very first day of the meeting The activity created a positive atmosphere as we all have shared memories that we were fond of, and it delivered a lot of interesting nuggets of information about each of us that were good conversation starters during the breaks and social activities the following days. If you have a team of more than 5-6 people, you might want to give some directions to limit the scope of the exercise (e.g reflect on your work career as opposed to your whole life) as it can easily take up a lot of time when people present all the interesting / influential points of their life.

      almost 5 years ago