Lean Coffee

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60 - 12012 - 24 High

Discuss many different topics in a structured and fair way.



Guide group conversations smarter: Get common understandig, listen do different views and do it relaxed, but focused.




    Explain that we are going to discuss a lot of relevant topics in a relatively short space of time (e.g. 2 hours). Explain the Kanban Board with the "To Do", "Work in process" and "Done" columns. 

    Ask the participants to write down their questions or topics and collect them as cards/sticky notes in the „To Do“ column. 

    Support the participants in clustering and prioritising. 

    Set the order and define the #Timebox for one round (e.g. 10 minutes). Explain that after each round we will decide together whether the current topic gets 5 minutes more time or whether we move straight on to the next topic. 

    Start the first round. Move the cards on the #Kanban Board visibly if done. Pay attention to the time! 


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