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Creative Thinking

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We live in fast changing world and we need to think and react quickly and decisively. This gamification tool encourages people to think rapidly and creatively. Remove the mental barriers that prevent people from overthinking and blocking in branstormings.



Encouraging participants to think creatively under pressure.



    Split the participants into groups consisting of 3 or more people.

    Explain the tasks to the participants:

    • They will have to use their creativity to brainstorm outside the box solutions for different scenarios.
    • There will be a set amount of time to come up with the most impressive yet realistic solution for each scenario.

    1st Scenario

    It's 4am, you've been the last customer to leave the bar, the bartender locks the doors and drives home. Your can't find your car keys and you drained your phone battery playing Candy Crush. All of a sudden it started to rain. On a normal day it takes you a 35 minute drive to your house. What do you do?

    You have 3 minutes to brainstorm for solutions and chose the best one.

    2nd Scenario

    It's May 17th, you wake up and quietly go in the kitchen and make your coffee, your partner is still asleep. There you see today's date is circled on the calendar and realize it's your couple anniversary. You forgot completely. What do you do?

    You have 2 minutes to list your ideas and select the best one.

    3rd Scenario

    You have 1 hour to spend €100.000, how are you going to spend it if you can only buy things that start with the letter "b"?

    You have 90 seconds to write down your solutions and select the best one.

    Ask each group to structure a funny sentence that combines all 3 final answers from the previous scenarios.


    !!! You can use different debriefing paths in order to underline the learning objectives.

    For example:

    • How did you feel during the brainstorming?
    • What would you change in the process of selecting the best ideas and why?
    • Who took the leadership?
    • Were you surprised by any of the ideas generated? By which one and why?
    • How did you chose which ideas to strike of the brainstorming list?
    • How did you get along with your colleagues?
    • Did you learn anything about the way you react under pressure? If yes, what did you learn?


    Tool developed for those who face difficulties in facilitating brainstorming activities.

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