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Job Description in 99 Words

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Ask the participants to write what their job means to them in exactly 99 words (no more, no less), and then divide participants to explore and discuss the perception of their jobs.


Facilitate reflection and sharing in groups about one's job perception




    Ask the participants to work independently to write their 99-word job descriptions. Later, assemble them in teams and have them discover and discuss common themes.

    Here's an example of a 99-word job description:

    "Case Management is the process in which I help people who are injured at work recover and return to their jobs or other work. It involves planning, facilitation, communication, and leadership, but, most of all, dedication.

    Workers who are injured may perceive my role as a Case Manager to be adversarial, that my goal is to force them to return to work. Through the consistent application of honesty, effective communication, timely assistance, humor, and passion, my goal is to change that perception, one human being at a time.

    That is what being a good Case Manager means to me."


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